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About Us

About Us

GCM Factory, since its inception in 1972 in its initial 15 square meter workshop, has continuously improved its understanding of quality and service quality. Our company, which aims to shape metal in every sector, moved to a larger workshop in the Güngören district of Istanbul in 1980 and hired its first team of 3 employees. From those days, our company has passed through various stages, including the industry’s first integrated production facility in Halkalı, and now to our production facility in Lüleburgaz, KIRKLARELİ, which covers 8000 + 4000 square meters of indoor space and a total area of 16000 square meters. Along this journey, our company has adapted its production methods to evolving technology, blending experience, creative thinking, and uniquely designed machinery to earn praise from numerous domestic and international firms. Our company is not only a supplier but also a solution partner for its customers, providing support in the development and design of various projects and working as a companion on the path to achieving excellence in the work performed.

GCM, not hesitating to take on projects that test their capabilities, has been providing and continues to provide services to its customers with an approach focused on problem-solving, product development, and defect correction through continuous investments in self-improvement.

Mission & Vision

Covering the needs of the customers quickly in best quality and prices by working customer-oriented and responsively.


Our firm’s intention is to become a preferred solution partner in Turkey and World thanks to our warm approach towards customers and our quality in service and production branches.


Strategist Location

Our factory's strategic location places us in close proximity to the European region, which translates into significant benefits for our valued customers like you. When we load our products onto a truck, they are delivered to your doorstep within a mere 2-day timeframe. This not only ensures speedy delivery but also offers a competitive edge in terms of cost-efficiency. We take pride in providing both time and cost advantages, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our European clientele.

Our Partners

They Trust Us