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We practice bendings without any crease, break and smash for lots of products such as ceiling mounted rails in bus, passenger straps in cars of train, mounted support rails for grabbing in caterpillar, stair rails and mounted support rails for disabled.    So many surface-level practices such as anodic oxidation and electrostatics powder coating are performed smoothly and unscratched without visual pollution besides twisted rails produced by CNC bending machines fastly and reliably.

We also practice bending for lots of sectors and various products such as chair legs, u shaped twists, front protection irons for motorcycles, motorcycles’ bag iron, motorcycle middle legs, vehicle protection irons, suitcase brackets, handles for wheelbarrow besides rails for grabbing.

General Features

  • Iron, Aluminium, stainless material
  • Zero error with CNC Machines
  • Work of good quality without creasing and smashing
  • Pipe bending with calibre between 8-70
  • Twists with 1-5 mm of wall thickness
  • Wire twist up to 15 mm.
  • Large Radius Gap

Areas of Usage

  • Automotive: ceiling mounted rails for grabbing in Busses
  • Rail Transportation; ceiling mounted rails for grabbing in train cars and trams
  • Caterpillars; Support rails for grabbing
  • Motorcycle equipments; protection iron, bag iron and pedal:
  • Rails for grabbing in Disabled WC
  • Rails for grabbing in elevator
  • Railing;Stair Rails