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We are serving various firms with products such as bus boor aluminiums, glass door aluminium frames, aluminium and iron-steel caterpillar doors, sheet metal doors for Tractor type motorized vehicles. Door frames that made out of aluminium are produced by special soft alloys and this makes it easier to mount. We are producing goods that does not cause visual pollution and has good esthetics by grinding and smoothing the corners of frames which requires welding. Therefore, we are producing fridge and refrigerator doors which requires eye-pleasing shapes, easily.

We can also produce iron doors for various vehicles with every kind of metal sheet in our metal sheet forming workshop besides aluminium.


  • Sensitivity in welding points
  • Cosmetic products with smoothing in details and elaborately
  • Easy to mount
  • Production in various shapes and sizes made out of aluminium and iron


  • Bus Door Frames
  • Door frames of train cars
  • Metal sheet doors for tractor type vehicles
  • Doors of fridges and various refrigerators