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We are answering to your unique projects and needs with 40 years of experience and knowledge professionaly with a large product range consisting of glass frame, sliding frame, sliding side glass for bus, glasses for bus, glass frames for the drivers; today, there are not any problems of the past such as bending, shrinking, rusting and enlarging in glass frames, sliding glass for bus thanks to current technology. Today’s products are more long-lasting than products of the past thanks to today’s technology.

General Features

  • Unique power in design
  • Guarantee of 100% waterproof
  • Easy to use, functional designs
  • Electrostatics Powder Coating of good quality
  • Usage of certified raw materials
  • Long-lasting products 


Areas of Usage

  • Automative; Sliding Frame for Drivers, flap frames for passengers
  • Rail Transportation; transom window frames for passenger cars
  • Sea Transportation; Ship and yacht frames
  • Various Trailer Frames
  • Cable Car Frames
  • Caterpillar Frames
  • Safety Cabinet Frame
  • Door Frames for Refrigerator
  • Interior-Exterior Aluminium Accessories


We are thinking that aluminium is a symbol for durability and pure beauty. Therfore, we are creating beauty by producing meticulously various aluminium accessories for interior and exterior parts of vehicles, interior parts of vessels and parts of stair rails. All products should be produced with maximum sensitivity and attention. We are also producing way more faster and cost-effective products by processing them in an adonized way.