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Our firm, which was only producing motor cap grates for busses and ventilation grates for busses in the beginning, has combined its experience and skills with technology throughout time and started assisting lots of sectors with prodoction and design of grates, right now. Our firm, which is producing ventilation grates fastly and cost-effectively in a large number of projects with swages that we produced also, has been producing grapes in various sectors with CNC processing machines with 3 and 4 axes.

Grates are cleaned and powder coated without leaving any burr and afterwards they are packed and sent to our customers in a ready to mount condition.


  • Faultless production with CNC Machines
  • Fast and cost-effective production with swages which are also produced by us
  • Working in various wall thicknesses
  • Packed delivery in wished powder coated colors


  • Busses
  • Ventilation gaps
  • White goods